Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am not quite sure

if you can stand the cuteness here. I mean LOOK at these kids.




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The Lovely Lauren...

This is the lovely Lauren. The lovely Lauren who makes me feel old, but you see, it isn't really her fault: her mother and I have known each other almost our whole lives. And now this girl is a senior in high school and I feel old. But i guess it happens to all of us: suddenly you are aware that people you went to school with now have kids in high school, and you find yourself thinking, "WTHeck?!?! Seriously? When did we grow up?" But I guess I can forgive Lauren for making me feel old, because look at how freakin' cute she is! I mean, if I have to feel old, I guess if I get to photograph a really lovely girl in the process it's not all bad! :-)




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